Pen calibration in windows

Thought I would try here before trying to deal with tech support...

I am using windows 3.1 with windows for pen 1.0a on a Dauphin DTR1. The
problem: my pen is no longer calibrated correctly, and it is far enough
out of calibration that I can't successfully use the calibrate program
in the control panel in windows to recailbrate it!

Here's a rough diagram of what is going on:

| *                                    |
|                                      |
5-----------------------------6        |
|                             |        |
|                             |        |
|                             |        |
|                             |        |
|                             |        |
| X                           |        |

The rectangle 1-2-4-3 is my screen, and the inside of rectangle 5-6-7-3 is the
limit of where I can move the cursor.  So, when my pen is at point 2,
the cursor is at point 6.  Anyway the '*' represents where the
crosshairs appear while attempting to run calibration. In order to
calibrate I am supposed to move the cursor to  the asterisk and click on
it. But of course the cursor won't move there. This seems like a really
stupid way to design a calibration program, but then what do I know.

Well, if I use the rotate utility to change the orientation of the
screen, I can click on the first set of crosshairs, which appear at
point 'X', but then I can't get to the second set, which appear at '*'.

I tried using the other pen calibration utilities that were included for
the dos mouse driver, and one that can be run at boot, but windows
doesn't pay any attention to these it seems (I also tried to
miscalibrate the pen using these to correct for miscalibration in
windows, but this also seemed to have no effect).  The pen works fine
when emulating a mouse under dos.

So, any ideas on how to fix this? My thought is to figure out where the
calibration info is stored and modify it by hand, but trying to find it
doesn't seem like much fun. Does anyone happen to know where this info
is stored (I'm guessing someplace in kpen.drv?)?  Is there a less brain
dead pen calibration program for windows someplace?  Any help is greatly

Even better, I would like to avoid using windows altogether.  Is there
an inexpensive (shareware/freeware) dos based wordprocessor or text
editor which also allows easy inclusion of graphics and/or has decent
drawing capabilities? I want to use this computer for taking notes, and
I plan to use a one handed chorded keyboard for text input, but I need
some easy way of incorporating diagrams which will be drawn using the pen.
I was going to just use a very minimal windows installation (enough to
run Write and Paintbrush), but if I could avoid windows altogether that
would be great.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.