DTR-1 Users: Hello!

I am wondering what happened to all those wonderful (new) Dauphin DTR-1
owners out there...  for a while we saw all sorts of nifty stuff be
written for the DTR-1, an FAQ was expected but never surfaced, and
hints/tips specifically for the DTR-1 was expected....

Whatever happened to all that enthusiasm!  Is it perhaps the Holiday
Spirits and Preparations keeping everyone too busy to post any more  ??

I am still interested in corrsponding with any DTR-1 user out there.
Via Email or even as penpals.

I have been using my DTR-1 to develop small scales programs.
I have used Microsoft[Quick] C, and QuickBASIC, and VBforDOS,
all with terrific success!

I find graphics surprisingly intriguing on the DTR-1.  What are your
experiences ?

Although I mainly use DOS exclusively, (and we all know how bad
Microsoft WinDoze is (up to and including Win 95)) I do tend to
explore Windows 3.1 a little.

DOS is less demanding of the batteries (explains why I get my
two+ solid hours _everytime_ and others don't.  Windoze seems to
demand too much of the humble Dauphin ( although with the upgrade
things are much better!).

So lets hear from you soon okay. Thats one powerful little system
(don't let others tell you otherwise!).

HINT for the day:
To help conserve PenCell battery life, remove the first top-most
battery (place it in a safe place).  This prevents accidental
activation of the PenCell when not in use and will considerably
extend the life of the batteries.

Responces to  DavidRaydo  dar110@PsuVm.Psu.Edu  Its Snowing!!