This time the responce to knowing if there are any new or perspective
Dauphin DTR-1 users has been overwhelming!

In the past approximately 5-10 people were actively posting articles
on the DTR-1.  Problems with Ethernet Card, battery consumption, etc
were addressed.  I don't know if these people will be posting in the
future, but I am sure they are still out there, quietly reading what-
ever comes along with "DTR-1" as a subject...

A newsletter idea was suggested but really did not go anywhere,
no one wanted to submit articles, and no volenteers appeared to
take it over.  The DTR-1 Newsletter idea would be nice if someone
had time to do it.  Posting to "comp.sys.laptops" would ensure that
everyone gets to read it, DTR-1 owner or not.


Description: The DTR-1 consists primarily of two essential parts:

The CPU/HDD/LCD unit (also contain 2400 baud modem),
and the Keyboard.  The keyboard is attached via a cable only, NOT
hindged life most notebooks.  This makes the DTR-1 cumbrsome to
use as a portable unit, its also thicker than expected.

The floppy drive can not be used conveniently while the DTR-1 is in
its carrying case! A major disadvange. If you don't mind using the
harddrive until you get home you'll be alright.

Battery life for me has always been 2 hrs solid; others report less.
There is a six/eight hour hardware upgrade from Dauphin which costs
$300 or more dollars (forgot the price now).

Dauphin Technical Support (essentially for already owners)

I hope this helps some of you a little more.  My time to write more
is cramped lately so I can't just say everything I'd like.

I'll keep track of ALL email messages so I will have a list of
actual and perspective owners.  Please post to comp.sys.laptops
and start talking with each other.  It will help ensure accurate
information and provide a stronger platform from which to build.

Pleased that Iam just a humble user and no expert in any sense of the
word.  I like the DTR-1; for the price its an outstanding little toy!
A full-fledge 486 with modest features...

Again hope all of you find what your looking for and if you go
with the Dauphin DTR-1 lets hear your first impressions!

(Many want to know about warranty information and Tredex reputability,
 Tredex will give you 10 days to return the DTR-1 for a refund, and
 all repairs require shipping the unit to Dauphin at your cost, and
 their service rates.)

Cooments/corrections welcomed.  -DavidR