Re: *** DAUPHIN DTR-1 Site ***

Doug Taylor (taylor@x1.us.ohio-state.edu) wrote:
: In article <DG3sy6.JzK@eskimo.com>, Toby Reed <toby@eskimo.com> wrote:
: >I setup a FTP site for DTR-1 files...
: >TRY: ftp.eskimo.com/u/t/toby/NEW/dtr-1/
: >It has the FAQ, Info Sheet, Battery Description and ANSI picture....
: >Contibute to /u/t/toby/NEW/uploads/

: I'm interested in finding out more about the DTR-1 (like, do I maybe
: want to buy one?  Does it work with GEOS?) so I tried FTPing there.
: When I finally got in (it was busy even at 8:15am EST!) I tried CDing to
: the directory you mentioned, only to be told "Permission Denied".  Doing
: a DIR on the "toby" directory gives me: 

: drwx------  2 toby     normal        512 Oct 23 19:06 toby

: You need to set permissions so folks can read this stuff, dude!
: Can somebody send me the FAQ and maybe, like, a scanned Jpeg of the
: thing?  Thanks.

Sorry....my FTP site was deleted.....go to my web page for the FAQ and 
Info Sheet, and for a picture, try http://www.eskimo.com/~toby/dtr-1.com
My web is at: http://www.eskimo.com/~toby/