Re: req. info: IBM thinkpads 360PE ,730T and pen for OS2/warp Xwindows?

In article <47qcj4$52b@natasha.rmii.com>, pparsons@rainbow.rmii.com says...
>Does anyone have any experience with the IBm thinkpads for pen.
>The 360PE is a pen convertable thinkpad (with a foldback keyboard)
>and the 730T (or is it 710 something) is a pen only machine. 
>I am looking for any real user info I can get.  I am considering
>one of those machines (probably the 360PE due to it's color screen)
>for the wireless Xterm server I have posted about here in the past two 
>weeks.  I am also looking for info on PEN for OS2/warp and how 
>it works with the os2/warp Xwindows system   
>        Thanks in advance. 
>Peter C. Parsons

We have been using 7 of the IBM 730Ts since December of 1994.  We have 
experience 2 screen failures due to mechanical damage on our part, and have 
replaced "10" 105 meg hard drives manufactured for IBM by Integral 
Peripherals.  One pen has failed for unknown reasoning.  So far IBM has been 
outstanding in their support of our problems.  We have not incurred any 
costs due to these failure as of yet.  But let me say that the hard drive 
failures are driving me crazy.  DO NOT USE THESE HARD DRIVES!  We like the 
machines and will be buying more of them in the future.