Re: DTR-1 Hard drive upgrade. Anyone tried it?

I'm having a problem with my pen that's a little strange. When I move 
the pen too quickly, I get phantom "button 2" presses. In order to 
look into this, I'm thinking about poking around inside the unit. 
When you had the thing open, did you notice:

1. How hard it was to find the digitizer shield, and how durable it 
looked? That seems to be a common issue with pen problems.
2. What kind of serial interface chip they used for the digitizer 
port, or was everything buried in ASICs? I'm wondering if, on fast 
data input, it isn't dropping characters, since there's no FIFO on 
the UART they're using.

I'm an electronics engineer, and have been thinking about peeking inside,
but had a bad experience one time trying to open a Duo, and thus am a 
little more shy about opening little computers than I once was.