Re: Help New Dauphin DTR-1

That modem is the most cheap/generic piece of junk I've seen, and I doubt 
it's approved by anyone.  Doesn't even ATI itself right.

As for the IDE, maybe the OEM (IBM) has a specsheet on that port...

Wayne Morellini (waynem1@cq-pan.cqu.edu.au) wrote:
: I have just bought one of these in Australia, Does anybody know if the
: internal modem is Austel approved, please email me an Austel Reference
: number.  Also does any body sell have or can make up a cable to take
: standard IDE drives through the custom floopy/IDE connector,  there is a new
: 3.5 inch floopy drive that also takes 130Mb disks comming out that will use
: the IDE.

: Thanks

: Waynem1@cq-pan.cqu.edu.au

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