Re: Misc. Ramblings regarding DTR-1 & Recognition

On Sun, 24 Dec 1995, Toby Reed wrote:

> : >a Couple of Things off the top of my head:
> : > 
> : >1)Is it still possible to buy the 8-hour battery pack for the Dauphin DTR-1?
> : >What was this, just a REALLY big battery, or a much better quality battery?
> It replaced the slide-cover for the LCD, and was a little longer and heavier.

So you'd have to leave the slide cover on to use it? That would mean covering
up the Parallel, Video, Serial ports would it not? How did it connect to the
battery slot?

Can you still get it?
> : >2)I get a Norton SI  of 38 with my Dauphin DTR-1. Is this par? I assume that
> : >by 486 they mean the 486 chipsthat fit into 386 archetecture, right?
> Huh? Check out my WWW page for other questions, BTW: 
> http://www.eskimo.com/~toby/dtr1/

I'll check out your page (You must have updated it since I last checked) but
one quick question: The Cyrix utility on your page, it didn't affect my 
performance at all. Have you gotten any boost by using it? I used to have
a 486SLC desktop machine that I upgraded, and I had a utility which did the
same thing (turned on the internal cache) but I would assume that the MB for
the Dauphin would be aware of the Cyrix cache already, would it not (consider
ing you can't upgrade it to anything else !!!)

I get a Norton SI on 38 which seems low because it says a 386-33 should do
34. then again Norton SI is not very good at rating Cyrix chips due to the
internal peculiarities of the Cyrix line of chips.

> : >3) How can I switch my display to LCD only? the LCD.EXE utility turns the 
> : >screen white when I attempt to do so.
> Yeah it's messed up...weird.

People are saying you have to memorize the cursor moves and then switch it
back to simultaneous, and when you do this the settings remain, so it does
work in a round about way. Never got a chance to try it before I broke it
though :-(

> : >4)What software can I get FOR DOS that will enable me to throw away my 
> : >keyboard and just use the pen? For example, a good DOS sheel that lets me
> : >do file manipulation(Including PKUNZIP), takes no memory, looks good, etc.
> : >Also a Multi-Config that will work with the pen would be great.
> Not a whole lot....best luck would be a mouse-supporting shell or PenDOS 
> below.
> : >5)What is PenDOS? Will this fulfill what I was talking about in 4)? What
> : >does it do for me? where can I get it?
> CIC PenDOS is an extention of DOS, it loads on boot and when you move the 
> DTR-1 pen to the top corner of the screen, a menu appears, and you can 
> write (as in WinPen), type with a mini-keyboard, train and do some other 
> simple stuff. I havn't had much time to play with it, but it works 
> somewhat okay. It's like $40....dunno...

Sounds like what I'm looking for.. If I got a dos shell, and then this to
use as a last case scenario it would work well. Where can I find this
piece of software?

BTW do you know of any multi-config loaders than use the mouse(and therefore
would work with the pen)?

> : >6)Does anybody know anything about the SmARTwriter recognition engine? Like,
> : >How good is it, how well would it perform on the Dauphin, Where can I find
> : >out more about it and possibly buy it? 
> No idea....
> : >7)When my battery lowe indicator goes on, I usually find I have about 10 second
> : >before the unit goes crazy. The Manual says 7-10 minutes. Is this just because
> : >my battery isn't worked in properly (I've only had it for 5 days now and
> : >I've only recharged maybe twice), or is this what should actually happen?
> Weird......After you prime your battery (as described on my web above in 
> my info sheet), you get about 4-5 hours with moderate disk usage and 
> that's pretty kick'n for a DTR. Priming is a pain in the donkey, tho.
4-5 hours!!! Holy crap, that would be FANTASTIC.. is that 8 Mhz or 25 Mhz?
I'll run to your page right now....
Thanks a lot,
Andy K.