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Vincent --  

I have a 6mb unit, so I'm not sure if this applies to yours, but I
installed IBM's PC DOS7 in my DTR-1 along with Pen DOS.  I'm very
happy with the handwriting recognition in PenDos.  I'd say it's an order
of magnitude faster and several orders of magnitude more accurate than
the recognition in Windows.

Also, PC Dos7 comes with Stacker, which I prefer to the doublespace
that the DTR-1 comes with.  The Dauphin is a pretty speedy dos machine
-- and dos programs don't eat up space on the miniscule hard drive.

PCDOS7 comes with a coupon to get Pen DOS for $39.  I think it's 
considerably more expensive by itself.

Vincent P. Armato (ArmatoV@onramp.net) wrote:
: I just recently received my DTR-1 and am happy with it's functionality 
: and form factor.  One thing that I have noticed is that in order to get 
: pen functionality (which was the main reason I wanted it - to take 
: freehand notes and dump them or convert them to text later on) you have 
: to run with Win 3.1 and Pen Extensions.  Unfortunately since the $399 
: DTR-1 only ships with 2mb of ram, it comes to a crawl.  The memory 
: upgrade costs an additional $175 and I'm not willing to increase the 
: price up to a total of $600 for the DTR-1 due to unit's limitations 
: mostly due to company stability, warranty, etc...   Is anybody out there 
: using the DTR-1 as a pen based computer without Windows, running 2mb 
: with decent speed and so-so handwriting recognition?  If so can you 
: please advise what options I have without any more additional expense?  
: I originally purchased an Omnigo but returned it in exchange for the 
: DTR-1 to use as a PIM mostly.  I do not want to spend over $400 for the 
: PIM, but I need pen functionality.  The unit is going back to Surplus 
: Technology if I can't find a suitable solution.
:  - V. Armato
: ArmatoV@OnRamp.Net

        Chuck Fadely                          fadely@gate.net