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WWW/LX Ver. 3
More details here
Post/LX (email), RoboNews/LX (newsgroups), more... Post/LX Version 3.3 released 18 May 2005. Version 3.3 adds more interesting features.

MM/LX Version 3.4
A new version was released 18 May 2005! Version 3.4 is an enhancement of various features, addition of some new and exciting tools, and various bug fixes. Enjoy this amazing tool to organize your thoughts! Designed for the Palmtop. Keep notes, organize your ideas, make an album, map your mind... Export to HTML! Connect to PIM/PE, too... MM/LX is now FREEWARE!!!

PIM/LX NEW VERSION RELEASED 18 May 2005 - PIM Version 2.3 -
Organize yourself! Powerful Personal Information Manager. Now works with MindMap/LX.

PalEdit/LX (PE) NEW VERSION RELEASED 24 July 2004 - PalEdit/LX Version 3.0
PalEdit/LX is a powerful text editor designed specifically for the Palmtop. It has many capabilities and features. It has been the "workhorse" of many in the Palmtop community for many years. Daniel Hertrich updated it recently and released version 3.0.

IRC/LX Internet Relay Chat

StockChart/LX Stock Performance Analysis

Magnify/LX Magnify the screen

ROBOWEB/LX Tony Hutchins' powerful Web bot!

TimeTracker/LX A New version was released 18 May 2005. Where does your time go? Track your time. Consultants keep track of billable time! TimeTracker/LX is now FREEWARE!!!

Quick/LX Word Completion, Macros, On-the-fly Spell-Checker! Quick/LX is now FREEWARE!!!

ABC/LX Manage Battery Power. Freeware.

PRO/LX Project Management - right on the palmtop...

READ/LX Speed Read on the Palmtop

FIND/LX Index and find text FAST, FASTER!!!

VOLT/LX Now FREEWARE! What is the voltage of your batteries?

WWW/LX Memory Problems? Please take a look at this article.
Take a moment to read this important notice about HV. Thank you.
WWW/LX PLUS Ver. 2 Info and Download

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Beat Time, requires Java.
Here is a GREAT piece of SHAREWARE - also links to the FILER in the Palmtop via an PLUG-IN add-on.

Total Commander Website

link to Dilbert
Oh, smile, enjoy!
A Terrific alternative to Ms Internet Explorer is FIREFOX!
Download here.
Get Opera! For another great alternative browser, consider Opera. It is small, VERY capable, and costs nothing.
Download Here.
WWW/LX Covers The World: - 100 Countries. (If you count Antarctica, then 101.) Countries marked in red represent countries where customers purchased WWW/LX over the years. I believe there are actually several more in smaller countries and sovereignties all around the world, but they did not give me an address in those countries because they did not reside there or other reasons. For example: Vietnam, Louxembourg, Macedonia, Serbia, Andorra, Mann Isles, Nauru, and some Carribean island nations.

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