Photos from Sommerda

This page contains some images from Robotron Factory in Somerda as it was shown in 1980s films and photos.

SOURCES: "Besuch in Sommerda" documentary, Greg115's negative films, Deutsche Bundesarchiv.








Probably E. Honnecker's visit to Robotron Factory.


04.07.1987, Berlin, 750th anniversary parade. Delegation of Erfurt with computers from Sommerda. From: Bundesarchiv (see here)


30.12.1987, A7100 systems tested for stable operation. From: Bundesarchiv (see here)


30.09.1986, mass production of A7100 with help of faster computer designed with University of Moscow. From: Bundesrchiv (here)


1.10.1987 - A 5000th Robotron A7100. Source: Bundesarchiv (see here)


10.07.1987 - A 100th A7100. From: Bundesarchiv (see here)


25.06.1987 - A7100 testing. From: Bundesarchiv (see here)


I got these photos as from Robotron, but I doubt that they're from it. I can't identify the machine in the first picture, as it's probably under construction or rework. The second photo shows control panel of Soviet mechanical prototyping device from late 1980s. The last photo is probably some CRT testing room, but CRTs are too big for computers.