Unipolbrit Komputer 2086

It's Timex Computer 2068 machine, assembled in Poland (in Unimor Gdańsk) by a joint venture Unipolbrit. There are some modifications to original Timex Computer 2068, and TC2068 is modified Timex/Sinclair 2068. All of these aren't much compatible with Spectrum.
In Poland, they removed a right joystick port and put parallel port there for better printer support. They also removed speaker and added monitor AV output with standard eastern DIN plug. Using monitor's speaker instead of in-case beeper for good AY sound chip was a good idea. There were some more expansions made on demand.
Unipolbrit was incompatible with Spectrum only at the ROM level. To make it compatible, Komputer 2086 was bundled with "Emulator ZX Spectrum" cartridge, made by S.P.M. Spektrum.

The "2086" is not a misspelled 68, as it is on the computer and all manuals. There are two interpretations of these digits. First: It's a marketing trick to make customers think about PC x86 speed and quality (or maybe even 80286?), which is probably not true because PCs weren't much popular in Poland when Unipolbrit started. Second interpretation is production start year - 1986.

Manufacturer Timex / Unimor / Unipolbrit

Origin Portugal / Poland
Year of unit 1986
Year of introduction 1986
End of production ?1988?
Speed 3.5MHz
Colors: 8
Sound: 3-channel AY-3-8912
Display modes: Text: 32x24
Graphic: 256x192x8, 512x192x2


Media: Tape
ROM Cartridge
External FDD with controller.

Power supply:

A female DC Jack at the computer:

1 - +9V DC 1.6A unregulated
2 - Ground.

I/O: Tape recorder
RF out
Video output
Joystick port
Parallel port
Possible upgrades: As in Timex 2068
Software accessibility: Possible (Timex 2068, Spectrum)

There were at least 3 versions of this computer:
 - First version, very rare - with white plastic mechanical keyboard made in Poland, it was sold in Składnica Harcerska. Keyboard was a DIY kit, later these keyboards were used in some other equipment like Transled driver..
 - Second version had TC2068 keyboard, but inside it was assembled by Unimor.
 - Third version had TC2068 mainboard and keyboard, in Unimor they only put mainboard to casing, soldered parallel interface to mainboard points and it was ready. This version has Timex native main ROM, earlier versions have EPROM there, which has "Unipolbrit" welcome message.

Some versions probably have no parallel port nor right side joystick connector. Also, different output variants have been made - on the Unimor.pigwa.net fan site you can see version without parallel port, but with some strange RGB adapter and joystick ports.

There were at least 3 types of ROMs installed in Unipolbrit computers:
1. Original Timex ROM - in later models.
2. No-version - just "Unipolbrit Komputer 2086 - Model 1986" - it's probably the first EPROM, it is just like Timex ROM but with modified welcome message.
3. "Version 1.2" - one byte is different than in other roms, 0x20 is replaced by 0x28 at 0x6D.
By inspecting my Unipolbrit with no-version ROM, it has serial number 515. Its mainboard is professionally assembled, probably in Portugal, then ROM has been replaced in a poor workshop - solder flux can be seen. I think Unipolbrit just bought readily assembled  mainboards, installed own ROMs (if they weren't too lazy, like in latest units with Timex ROM) and put them in casings. Speaker has been also removed in quite non-professional way as cutting traces can be seen.

The name Unipolbrit is a mix-up of UNImor, POLand and BRITain. Polbrit company produced disk drives for Spectrum and published some software on tapes.

Contents: Starting Recording media Pinouts Links


It boots to BASIC where you use it like Spectrum.
To run program from catrtidge, just put it in when computer is turned OFF, then turn it on.




Recording media

It uses the same format as ZX Spectrum. The procedures are the same.






Video output:

1 - Video
2 - GND
3 - Audio
4,5 - n.c


Joystick connector:

1 - Up
2 - Down
3 - Left
4 - Right
5 - nc ?
6 - Trigger
7 - +5V
8 - A8 - short buttons to this.
9 - GND

Printer connector:

1 - GND
2 - PB0
3 - PB1
4 - PB2
5 - PB3
6 - PB4
7 - PB5
8 - PB6
9 - PB7
10 - PC0
11 - PC1
12 - PC4
13 - nc
14 - PC5
15 - nc






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