HP Colorado Trakker 250

One of consumer-grade streamers. These units were cheaper, slower and used parallel port or floppy interface instead of SCSI. This unit has a strange parallel port interface, similar to EPIA circuit.
The principle of operation is similar to all QIC tape streamers.

Manufactured by: HP

Type: QIC-MC streamer, parallel port
Capacity:  40/80MB

Tape and comparing with normal-size QIC.



UPDATE: 12.2014 - another small QIC tape, manufactured by 3M.

Notice how the tape is loaded in, it sticks out of the streamer and it's a normal thing. Last picture shows power supply pinout (DIN5, 1 - 16V AC 2A, 2 - Center tap, 3 - 16V AC, 4 - GND, 5 - nc)


Drivers for DOS and HP/UX.
Drivers for Win95 - may not be needed
Probably extended drivers for Windows 9x (ver. 3.22) - Part1 Part2 Part3
Drivers for Windows 3.x  Part1 Part2
Installation of external drives
Colorado and SureStore user's Guide