LTO Ultrium tapes and streamer

This is an LTO Ultrium 3 (400GB uncompressed) streamer made by IBM for use in their servers. Its state can be observed using small 7-segment LED display. It uses a fast, Ultra160 SCSI eoth 68-pin connector. As compliant with standards, this streamer can also read and write to Ultrium2 (200GB) cartridges and read Ultrium 1 (100GB) cartridges.
The device has a large buffer to compensate problems with data transfer. It can also slow tape down to cope with this problem, as with LTO, where number of tracks is counted in tens, it is not easy to move tape back as with older linear streamers.

Manufacturer: IBM

Type: Linear magnetic streamer, SCSI
Capacity:  100-400GB

Ultrium tape

Manual in IBM PCBBS Mirror


   Inside view. Notice the tape pullingpart in the last photo, here placing the tape on head.