Adax ML 100MHz

Adax was a brand of PCs made by JTT company from Wroclaw, Poland using western and Taiwanese components. These PCs were quite good and build quality was much better than in many smaller PC workshops. Additionally they offered upgrades and software.
This thing has been upgraded and I'm not even sure the mainboard is original - it was 100MHz, but it could be 486DX4, as it was popular around 1990s to obtain 100MHz. The non-standard thing in this computer is the front panel with very soft buttons, LEDs and display. Turbo switch works on the edge, not state so it's a momentary button.

Approx. year 1995

Class AT
CPU Intel Pentium I
Speed 100MHz
(72-pin SIMM modules)
Mainboard Intel Advanced/EV Endeavour
Graphics SiS 6202 PCI
Sound ES1373 PCI
(later upgrade)
Ports I/O Onboard.
2xCOM, 1xLPT,
2 IDE channels,  Floppy drive
Network Only a 3Com modem, generic, configured as COM3
System expansion bus 4x PCI slot
3x ISA slot
Floppy/removable media drives 1x 3.5" 1.44MB floppy disk drive


Hard disks/ATA devices: Maxtor 7540AV 500MB HDD

Peripherals in collection:
 - None


Other boards:


Casing AT tower
Non-standard expansions: None
Operating system(s): Windows 95

Contents: Starting, usage Drivers  


BIOS is quite scarce. Use a switch to optionally clear password. Battery removal does NOT clear password. To make PCI boards work OK under Windows 95, it may be needed to switch PnP to Windows mode.
Intel mainboards have built-in OEM logo in BIOS which may become lost when BIOS updating. Have this in mind while upgrading BIOS in Intel mainboard.

Adax computers in Infosystem fair (Enter, 1995)


Manual for mainboard:

The ES1373 sound card has a few drivers available in the net and I haven't found everything, especially for Win95. There is a small driver, a few kB, and it does not work well. Another one has about 1MB, and this won't install MIDI so the driver complains about it. Probably a 16MB package is the way to go.

The 3Com modem works as generic and jumper settings are written on board.

Sis 6202 Win95