Fura Elektronik IKT-6

This machine has been manufactured in Poland in late 1990s. It is a serial port terminal, probably for Unix applications. It is based on a 8031 ROM-less microcontroller and has quite modern features such as compatibility with IBM PC peripherals (AT keyboard and VGA display, parallel printer), or EEPROM which stores settings, number of starts and operation time. RAM is implemented using static RAM, so no refreshing circuits are needed.
The machine is made using mostly western components, but some are from Czech Republic (power supply block) or former East Germany (some TTL chips). Many other components are from Polish factories. Mainboard has some modifications, which seem to be made because components have been changed in production.
The company Fura Elektronik was set up in 1992 in Tychy (Silesia, Poland), and is present until ca. 2012 (as in Polish registry of companies).

Manufacturer: Fura Elektronik

Model IKT-6 (M252)
Year: 1998
CPU: 80C31 (8031 microcontroller)
Memory: ??
Display: VGA CRT
Keyboard: PC AT Keyboard
Main port: Serial port
Additional ports: Parallel port for printer
Power connector for CRT monitor.




Peripherals in collection:
 - None


To enter setup, press both Shift keys simultaneously. There are not many settings, serial port settings, emulation mode, printing.

My unit is in quite good condition, fully operating. Its history is not known, but remains of inventory number can be seen so it was probably property of some company. The model "Mxxx" is serial number, look in this page for another unit with another M number. The M number is written to EPROM of each unit.
The terminal has been described in this newsgroup as Unix terminal, so it was probably used at least one time with Unix machines.