Download KICS
Current version reference: 4.1
This is it folks. Site will go down April 18th 2016 – Wishing you all the best Commanders.

Ripley Galactic accepts no responsibility for loss of credits, reputation or in extreme cases, your ship. By downloading and using the KICS system, you accept these risks.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download and install VoiceAttack. [Required]
  2. Download and install VLC Player. [Not strictly required but used for the music]
  3. For YouTube playlist compatibility [*Optional & experimental]:
  4. Download KICS 4 from the link above.
  5. Extract KICS 4 into the [VoiceAttack installation location]\Sounds folder. Your directory structure should be: \Sounds\Ripley Galactic\KICS 4
  6. For VLC control with KICS [**Optional]:
  7. Open VoiceAttack and click <Import Profile> from the profile drop down, import the Ripley Galactic KICS 4-Profile.vap file.
  8. Map the Keys in the Elite Dangerous options screen.
  9. Fly.

*This allows you to play YouTube playlists inside VLC. All of the non-radio playlists in KICS 4 have a YouTube playlist link in them, thus music will not work if you do not want to go this route. You will need to edit each audio file and add in your own online radio station link or links to music on your computer.

**This allows you to control VLC with KICS (without global hotkeys), giving you the ability to skip songs and raise and lower the volume.

Special thanks:

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And all the others I have missed or deleted (accidentally!).