List of card radios

This is just my personal list of card radios

The List


RD-5 - AM radio
RD-10 - FM radio
RD-11 - FM radio
RD-20 - AM radio
RD-21 - AM radio
RD-22 - AM radio
RD-24 - AM radio
RD-25 - AM radio - 1000 Hour lithium battery
RD-30 - AM/FM radio
RD-31 - AM/FM radio
RD-80 - AM radio with solar powered calculator
RD-85 - AM radio with data calculator
RD-90 - FM radio with solar powered calculator
RD-100 - FM radio
RD-210 - FM solar powered radio
RD-220 - AM solar powered radio
RD-230 - AM/FM solar powered radio

RT-20 - AM radio with auto tuning / station memory and calculator


TR10 - AM radio
TR20 - FM radio
TR70 - AM radio
TR75 - AM radio
TR77 - AM radio
TR80 - AM solar powered radio
TR81 - AM solar powered radio
TR85 - AM radio
TR100 - AM/FM radio
TR250 - AM radio with watch


SRF-201 - FM radio
SRF-202 - FM radio
SRF-220 - AM/FM radio
ICR-501 - AM radio
ICR-502 - AM radio
ICR-503 - AM radio
ICR-520 - AM radio
ICF-302 - AM/FM radio
ICF-602 - AM/FM radio


RF-H202 - AM/FM radio