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This wiki contains information about Lazer Tag Team Ops (LTTO) and compatible taggers. Included on this wiki is technical information that may be useful for people wanting to make modifications to their taggers or make accessories that are compatible with them.

Information about Laser Ops Pro, an incompatible laser tag system from Nerf, is available in the LaserOpsPro Namespace.

Information about Recoil, a competing laser tag system from Skyrocket, is available in the Recoil Namespace. Recoil taggers are not compatible with LTTO taggers.

Information about Dynamic Laser Combat System, an open source laser tag system being developed by the community, is available in the DynamicLaserCombatSystem Namespace.



Other Information

Tagger Models

Model Year LCD Firing Mag Shield Reload Sights Scope Rumble Dome Lights Mute IFF Mega Medic Can Host LTAG TTAG Power Reg Indoor Mode Manual
Deluxe 2004 Yes Full-auto 10 Toggle 1-step Side Opt Opt No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 10 tags No No Reduces emitter PDF Accessories
IRT-2X Drone 2005 Yes Semi-auto / Burst 10 Toggle Auto Top Opt Opt No Yes Yes No No Yes 10 tags No No Reduces emitter PDF
Tag Master Blaster 2005 Yes Semi-auto / Burst / Full 10 Toggle 1-step Top Opt Opt Yes Yes Yes No No Yes 10 tags No Yes Reduces emitter PDF
Phoenix LTX 2008 No Semi-auto 10 Hold 2-step Top Opt Yes Yes No No No No No 10/25 tags 10/25 tags Yes Reduces receivers PDF
LTAR 2012 No Semi-auto / Full-auto 10 / 15 Toggle / Hold (hosted) 1-step / Auto (hosted) Top No No Yes No Yes Yes (hosted) No No 10/25 tags 10/25 tags Yes Reduces emitter PDF