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Maemo themes/LCARS complete

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Modern themes for Nokia's Internet Tablet OS 2008

Authors: Ian Ryge (artwork) and Leif Ryge (packaging)

Okuda / Desktop
Okuda / xterm
Okuda / File Manager
Okuda / Media player
LCARS PADD / Media Player
LCARS PADD / Desktop
LCARS Bridge / Desktop
LCARS Bridge / File Manager
LCARS Modern / xterm
LCARS Modern / Desktop
Maemo backgrounds | Screenshot archive

This is a set of LCARS PADD-style user interface modifications for Nokia's Internet Tablet OS, consisting of four themes, replacement sound effects, and some other extras.

For ITOS2008 (chinook or diablo):

For ITOS2006 or ITOS2007:

If you'd like to modify our packages:

Release notes

Steps you should take after installing

  1. Set the theme (Home menu -> Set theme)
  2. Set the background (Home menu -> Set background image)
  3. Reboot your device to reload sounds, icons, and other graphics

Removing themes

  1. Do not uninstall a theme while it is the currently selected theme (this applies to any theme; see maemo bug #2903 for more information).
  2. When removing LCARS packages using the Application Manager, the lcars-complete package must be uninstalled first. After it is removed, you will be able to remove any or all of the other packages which were installed.

Packages to be installed

The last three packages each divert files using dpkg-divert(8). These diversions will remain in effect regardless of which theme is in use. You can uninstall these packages while keeping the theme(s) installed.

Most of the icons are now controlled by the system's theme setting instead of being diverted, but you must reboot after switching themes for all of the changes to take effect (maemo bug #3659).

Known issues


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