Remembering the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500

This Page was Formerly Served from a Zaurus SL-5500 but for Archival Purposes is Mirrored Here at

200mhz ARM powered handheld running OpenZaurus 3.2 Linux and Jeode 1.10 JVM
Symbol WiFi and 1gb flash memory

Unfortunately I have either worn out or burned out four Sharp Zaurus SL-5500's. I would take this down if these software packages were safe anywhere else. to me the are just nostalgia without any great passion anymore.
I now/still use a Nokia N900 Linux smart tablet/phone, it pretty much does everything the Z did or more than I dreamed of it doing but better, smaller, and faster. The N900 will probably be the high water mark of Linux handheld devices for some time, much like the Zaurus was. The good news is that there is a project combining the hardware team at Openmoko with the software team at, coming soon the Neo900!
One of the Last Zaurus Linux Software Reposirories