Needed: GIF of DTR-1

If someone has the means to produce a GIF of a photograph of a
Dauphin DTR-1, with Keyboard, external floppy drive, and
PenMouse all visible on a neutral background, PLEASE contact
me at the Email address below.  I will request that you
create a 16-color 640x480 (or slightly smaller) image which
can easily be viewed by VGA or SVGA alike.  UU-encode the
image and send it to my Email address.  File size of about
100k to 200k are acceptable, but please limit it to that range!

This image will be used in an attempt to make a graphical
cover page of the DTR-1 TalkLetter; with full credit of the
image given to the one who provides it.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

PS: If you can scan any of the DTR-1 diagrams in the DTR-1 Users
    Manual, these would be GREATLY appreciated also!

Please contact DavidR at DAR110@PsuVm.Psu.Edu, Thank you!