Re: Dauphin DTR-1 Questions.

In article <mikes.11.0118DAC1@interaccess.com>, mikes@interaccess.com (Michael R. Stevens) says:
>1.  Isn't it a little big to carry around versus the Newton or Psion (I too 
>was planning on using it primarily as a PIM).

Well yes, it's a bit bigger than a PDA.  But a lot smaller than most
laptops out there.

>2.  The standard modem that it comes with is only 2400-can that be upgraded?

Apparently so, but Dauphin don't have any further details on it.  I'm
avidly chasing this down -- but it does have an external serial port,
so for now I'm using an external battery powered 14.4k modem.

>Oh, and a 3rd...Does it have to be powered on every time you want to enter 
>something into the scheduler-How quick is it for periodic data entry?

It's a lot faster at handwriting recognition than anything else out there,
and it'll go into sleep mode whenever it's idle, which means that when
you power it on by tapping the pen on the screen, you have to wait a sec
or two while the drive spins up.  I've had mine open by the way, and
the hard disk is TINY... amazing.

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