Re: Linux on a DTR-1 (IBM Dauphin)?

galt@asylum.cs.utah.edu (Greg Alt) writes:

>2) will it run Linux?
>2) it should... though the hard drive would be a bit cramped

Unless there's something particularly funky about the HP Kittyhawk drive
in there (I think it's just normal IDE), I would expect at least the textual
portions to run OK.  I've seen these machines at Fry's and some computer
swaps.  Take along a set of Linux boot & root disks and see what you get.

>3) will it run X Windows?
>3) it should... though shouldn't be that great with 4M RAM and 40M HD
>     maybe it would require special drivers for the display and the pen?

I think the basic X stuff will just fit on the HD.  As for RAM, you can get
the machine with 6MB RAM, but that's the limit.  If X will run, it will be
swapping like a madman!  I have my doubts about the pen.  Unless it emulates
some standard mouse (or someone has written a driver for it), I think you'll
be SOL.  I vaguely remember hearing something about HWR being developed for
X, so eventually that might work.

>4) what are the dimensions and weight without the keyboard?
>4) People claimed 2.5lbs in a few posts a while back, I assume this is
>     the weight without the keyboard, and the thickness should be less without
>     the keyboard, also...

I've heard 2.9 lbs.

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