Re: Comments on or experience with IBM DTR-1 "Dauphin"?

juny@imv.aau.dk (Jun Petersen Yoneyama) writes:

>The DTR-1 is a good sub-laptop PC, but the pen alas, I wouldn't recommend
>it as a substiute for a Newton. From cold boot it need to start up DOS,
>then Pen-Windows and then the notebook application so it takes TIME befre
>you may scribble a note.

>I use it as a secondary machine and Parallel DOS InterLink work fine
>enough for me as 'interface' to more hard disk space. 40 Mb isn't much,
>and that's the biggest problem with the DTR-1.

I'm using _serial_ interlink on mine (verry sloooow in Windows (9600?), 
but acceptably fast (114kbps) in DOS. Even at 114k, it still takes about 
an hour to upload/download the entire 40 meg disk. What sort of data 
transmission rates can you get with the parallel interface? Is it faster 
than the sloooow serial in Windows?

>I haven't experienced any techincal problems with it, even though I have
>carried it around a lot. Please mail me any info on upgrades and support
>that you may get.

Same here - no problems, but I _would_ like to know more about upgraded. 
Has anyone gotton past the 6 meg RAM "barrier"?, successfully upgraded 
the H.D.?

Bob Curtis <bc@gate.net>