Re: Can standard DTR-1 internal HDs be replaced with something larg

In article <3c934l$mfp@dewey.cc.utexas.edu>, rcamama@dewey.cc.utexas.edu
(Robert Camama) writes:
:I have a DTR-1 with a 40MB internal HD, and I'd like to know if
:that HD could be replaced with another internal HD of larger capacity.
:I understand the entire HP KittyHawk 1.3" hard disc product line was 
:discontinued months ago, and that DTR-1s were designed to use those 
:KittyHawks.  Nevertheless, is there anyway to get around that problem in
:order to get more internal hard drive space?

Your best bet would be an external parallel port hard disk.  A couple of
different companies make them, BSE, and KT Labs.  Sizes are around
170-250MB plus you can compress for more space.  The KT Lans model called
the PhD seems to get good reviews as easy to use; it also has a parallel
pass-thru port so you can also hook your printer to it.

Sorry, there is no way around your internal HD problem with the Kittyhawk.
 There are no more Kittyhawks made, and there is no interface allowing you
to pull out your kittyhawk and insert a PCMCIA 17-MB card, like Maxtors,
for example.  I have a DTR-1, love it, and tried all these ideas already. 
Thought I would save you the time!

Chas Hoard