Dauphin DTR-1?

Hi All!

I just picked up a DTR-1 new for $499.  This is the 4/40 config new in a box.
Is that a good price?  How is the machine?  It seems a tad slow, but otherwise
OK.  I also bought LapLink 6.0a for Windows so I could install software on the
thing for the Concerto at work since the DTR-1 doesn't have a diskette drive.

BTW, are the external diskette and hard drives still available for it?  If so, how
much are they and where can I get them?  Is Dauphin still supporting this thing?
Are there any software/hardware updates for it? TIA for any info on this thing-
especially before my 30-day money back guarantee is up ;-)  Anything else I
should know?

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