Re: Dauphin DTR-1?

scott_leapman@bocaraton.ibm.com wrote:
:Hi All!
:I just picked up a DTR-1 new for $499.  This is the 4/40 config new
:in a box. Is that a good price?  How is the machine?  It seems a tad
:slow, but otherwise OK.  I also bought LapLink 6.0a for Windows so I 
:could install software on the thing for the Concerto at work since 
:the DTR-1 doesn't have a diskette drive.
:BTW, are the external diskette and hard drives still available for it?
:If so, how much are they and where can I get them?  Is Dauphin still
:supporting this thing? Are there any software/hardware updates for it?
:TIA for any info on this thing- especially before my 30-day money back 
:guarantee is up ;-)  Anything else I should know?

..-I think $499 is an ok price.  Useable, but slow.  A good daytimer
     and fax machine.  If your talking to a networked pc, find out
     about AirSoft's AirAccess ( it sync's your files in the background
     when a connection is possible ).Their address is AirSoft, Inc.,
     20833 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 200, Cupertino CA 95014...one
     number for them is 408-777-7500.

    - Laplink is a good idea. I have the DTR-1 floppy drive and it
     works ok.  I wouldn't bother with getting a custom hard drive
     for it...I plan to get a Pereos microtape unit from Datasonix
     when I can afford it (saw them recently for $499)...each tape
     holds 1.2 gig...could keep, say 12 or 13 Complete DTR-1 systems
     on one eensy tape...with roughly 67 MB per config. (backing up
     the uncompressed, H: drive)

    - You can call Dauphin for newer stuff, or to sell You spares, but
     my understanding from talking to them is that if they didn't sell
     it to You, they don't support it.  And if You bought Your DTR from
     the PreBankruptcy Dauphin, the new, improved Dauphin will NOT
     honor the "1 year" warranty...that expired with the reorganisation
     into the current Dauphin company...and as they want $3495.00 for
     the NON COLOR DTR-2 (50 Mhz tho...but still sx-equiv, not dx),
     I don't think I would want to sell them (or for them).  So: Dauphin?
     Support?  Good Luck...(maybe you'll luck out).

    - HW/SW updates?  Haven't heard of any.  Unless You call Dauphin
     to buy a DTR-2, or a peripheral?

    - Anything else?  Buy extra pens from any Winpen vendor you want,
     but buy the extra pens!  Get 3 or 4 batteries made by a battery
     company...they'll probably cost about $25 each.  Or get that
     external zinc-air 8-hr battery.  You'll be glad you have them all.
     And Dauphin charges $89.95 for spare batteries.

    - Buy a spare power supply from Dauphin, or from whoever has one...
     cause, believe me, if it breaks, You're screwed...been there...
     done that...And my RMA got bounced back due to the reorganisation.
     Without a working power supply, You cannot charge the battery, and
     the DTR becomes a very stylistic paperweight.  It wants to get
     12V, 2.1 amp, 25W output.

    - Get one for use in a car.  Dauphin offers those, too. (my
     partner Gayle has the prices with her right now).

    - The power supply tends to get very hot when in use.  Don't
     let anyone carelessly toss something on top of it, because
     that will obstruct the vent holes in it and it Will melt the
     cheap plastic casing.

    - After 2.5 - 4 hours of continuous use, the screen get's "hot".
     What I mean is it may develop a bright spot someplace where
     contrast, legibility goes to hell.  Only remedy is to power down
     and let it rest.

    - Some units shipped with bad hard drive controllers, I think.
     IBM Personal Systems, PC-Direct offers to fix it, period, whatever
     the problem, for a flat $100.00 fee.  You might check with them
     for spare parts, pens, peripherals, etc, since they are the ones
     who oems them for Dauphin.

...uh, that's about all I can think of right now...I hope this makes
some sense to You and is of assistance to You in the Quest for pen
computing ease.

....later, dcm