Re: OS/2 on a Dauphin DTR-1?

sdolezal@montana.com (Sue Dolezal) writes:

>Has anyone tried OS/2 for pens on the Dauphin DTR-1?

I haven't, but there's a driver for it, so I'm guessing it works.
See the "supported devices" link at

>and what was the HDD requirements like?

See the "system requirements" link at the above URL.
It says "at least 5MB."

>Or if you don't own one, will OS/2 fit well into the specs of the DTR-1 
>(below)?  And with Pen extensions?


The RAM is the problem.  Pen requires 2MB above what OS/2 requires.
I thought Warp only requires 4MB, so that should mean 6MB total, but
the docs say 8MB total.

I thought I recalled reading in the DTR-1 FAQ that 6MB is the max.
Is that right?

>I have my HDD DriveSpaced to 65MB.

You'll need to toss that and get an OS/2 disk compression program.
If you can get the memory you'll probably want to run HPFS anyway
(for long file names, not efficiency).