Re: OS/2 on a Dauphin DTR-1?

Don't know who flaked out on you, but you can get the drivers for the
pen from Kurta.  This won't give you handwriting, but the pen will
work as a mouse.  The rest will have to come from Dauphin, who say
they will be available around Christmas (of course, they also told me
Halloween and Thanksgiving, so...)

sdolezal@montana.com (Sue Dolezal) wrote:


>I have tried GEOS, DOS, Win 95, and Win 3.1 on my Dauphin.  I liked Win95 
>but it didn't have any pen support, which sort of defeats the purpose of 
>a pen-based computer.  I was hot on the trail of drivers from a Microsoft 
>guy but he was a real loser and flaked out on me, so now I'm interested 
>in trying OS/2 for pens.  Right now I'm using Win 3.11, and it sucks.

>Has anyone tried OS/2 for pens on the Dauphin DTR-1?  What was the speed like
>and what was the HDD requirements like?

>Or if you don't own one, will OS/2 fit well into the specs of the DTR-1 
>(below)?  And with Pen extensions?

>For those of you who don't know, the Dauphin DTR-1 is...

>OEM'd by IBM
>Pen based subnotebook
>486SLC/25 Cyrix CPU
>Mono VGA 6" display
>Built in modem, ethernet

>I have my HDD DriveSpaced to 65MB.

Roger Felts
Microsoft Product Support

If I were speaking for Microsoft,
I probably wouldn't have said anything at all...