Re: Dauphin DTR & virtual memory?

When running windows 3.1 or higher on a 386 or higher machine, you run 
windows in what is called "386 enhanced mode."  Under this enhanced mode, 
you can set up either a permanent, or a temporary "swap file."  The 
windows uses this swap file to effectively add extra RAM (not hard drive 
space) for use by programs under windows.  So if you have 6 meg of real 
RAM and an 8 meg temporary swap file, windows can utilize a total of 14 
meg of RAM.  This is what most people refer to as virtual memory.  

That extra drive letter you see (Drive H:) is a result of the fact that 
your 40 meg hard drive has been "DoubleSpaced" using DOS.  Double space 
is a program that compresses most of the files on your hard drive, 
effectively, "doubling" the amount of hard drive space you have.  Since 
you have only a 40 meg drive this is pretty much essential.  The H: drive 
is actually the uncompressed portion of your drive that contains the 
information files which contain a map of the compressed portion.  Make 
any sense?  It is not possible to compress the entire drive, only about 
90 percent of it.

Hope this shed some light.