Re: DTR-1 stuffs (street price + FAQs)

As I know that few people are interested in the Dauphin DTR-1, here's
what I got from browsing in this month's computer shopper:
Tredex sold the unit with 4 mb + floppy for $399.00 which was an excellent
deal. But they ran out of stock even before the ad came out. Then there
is Surplus Technologies (1-214-224-7905), in Texas who is selling brand
new units with 2 mb and no floppy for $399.00, any decent setup bringing
the price up to $700.00 (4 mb + floppy ~ $275.00). Then there's also
Global something in California (1-800-411-1150, ext. 200) which sells
factory serviced units (4 Mb/no floppy) for $399.00. 
This is not a commercial posting at all, so please don't flame. I ordered
mine from the second company, and I think I got a pretty good deal.

The FAQ for the DTR-1 can be found @ http://www.eskimo.com/~toby

Can't wait :->