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>    If you're contemplating upgrading your DTR-1 memory, and think you
>might save a few bucks by doing it yourself - beware.  If you ask if this
>can be done, and some helpful wag says 'yes, but watch out for the screen
>cables', listen.  I didn't, and fucked up my mouse recognition.  I
>cheerfully look forward to sending it to IBM with $100 so the can replace
 Perhaps all may not be lost, a couple of the ribbon cables can be
 re-inserted in their connector.

 When you first open the unit, you want to remove the upper half containg
 the screen itself. Gently seperating the cover you will note two white
 wires attached to the screen on one end, and a small daughter brd on the
 other. They are attached to the daughter brd via a small two wire
 connector. DO Not try to remove the connector, instead just gently lift
 the entire daughter brd(white wires attached) off the the four pins it
 is spindled on, with a small pocket type screw driver. Now you can lift
 the screen cover further up. There are two small ribbon cables to the
 left, near the disk drive. These cables can be removed from their
 connectors by gently lifting the rectangular cable clamp securing them in
 their respective connectors. If the cable you have a problem with is one
 of these you may be able to re-insert the cable, and gently push the
 clamp back down, resecuring the cable.
 There is another daughter brd in the upper left hand corner, with a
 ribbon cable also going to the screen. This cable IS NOT removeable from
 its connector as the previous were. The daughter brd is secured via two
 small phillips screws, and once removed, the brd can be gently lifted
 unseating a couple connectors under the brd. By the way this brd does
 not have to be removed to insert the 4mb memory module into the connector
 directly adjacant to the disk drive.
 Hope your lucky and it was one of the re-securable ribbon cables.

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