Macintosh Performa 6400/200

One of the last Performa series computer, 6400 featured 200MHz PowerPC CPU and up to 136MB of RAM (40MB in new units. It had a new "SRS 3D surround" sound system and a subwoofer built into the case. The case was a tower with rounded edges. It was one of these typical Performa cases in which all components could be removed by sliding out. It came with Mac OS 7.5.3 and later 7.6. Performa 6400 could run Mac OS 9.1. It's possible to install 9.2.2, but it requires advanced patching. There was a "Video Editing Version" of this computer, sold upgraded with video capturing / decoding card and QuickTime software. Some American versions had a ZIP drive.

Model No: M5168

Year: 1996
Discontinued: 1997
CPU: PowerPC 603e 200MHz
RAM: 136MB
(2x64MB DIMM + 8MB On Board)
Max. RAM: 136MB
RAM Type: 168-pin DIMM 70ns
Hard disk: 3GB IDE SL
Floppy drives: 1 1.4M 3.5"
Other drives: Internal SCSI CD-ROM drive
Graphics: 640x480x16bit - 1024x768x8bit(1MB VRAM).
Sound: Built-in speaker with subwoofer, jack in/out.
Display: External (Apple 15-pin connector)
Dedicated OS: Mac System 7.5.3 with System Enabler 410
Maximum OS: Mac OS 9.1

Expansions:  - ADB.
 - 2 DIMM for RAM expansion
 - Network module expansion
 - Multimedia module expansion
 - TV Tuner card bay
 - 2 PCI slots

Peripherals in collection:
 - Apple Design Keyboard and Mouse.
 - Apple StyleWriter II printer

 + Network board

Connectors:  - ADB connector for keyboard and mouse
 - 2 serial ports (RS-422) for modem and printer)
 - External SCSI port (DB25)
 - LAN (if network installed)
 - Sound output
 - Microphone in
 - Monitor output
 - Antenna input (if TV tuner installed)
 - Video input (if multimedia card installed)

My unit was used as a home computer somewhere in Silesia. During hard disk upgrade something went wrong and ribbon cable was damaged by sharp edge of case. Then it was put to basement after few futile tries to replace ribbon cable in harness. Finally I fixed it by attaching the cable directly to harness, not perforating it in another plug. It works well now.


Very simple:

To remove any drive, remove front cover by pulling it from locks on the bottom. Now you can slide all drives out of the casing.

To remove mainboard, remove 2 screws holding it on the rear and slide it out of the casing. Then, the adapters may be installed.

The best thing to install here is Mac OS 8.x or 9.1 - to install 9.2.2 you have to patch it, to install 7.5.3 you must have version suitable for this computer, as system enabler (computer's driver) is about 500kB so it won't fit on any 7.5.3 boot diskette.