Power Macintosh G4 Quicksilver

A 2001 version of Power Mac G4, with re-designed casing - inside it's a bit similar to previous G4 model released in early 2001, but it has a case with silver colour and smaller front-side doors. It had the same processor as last "blue" G4, but smaller, 40GB hard drive and 128MB or 256MB of RAM in its base configuration. Later G4 line has been released in these cases until MDD (Mirrored drive door) Power Macs.
By default it comes with GeForce 2 MX AGP 4x video board with 32MB of VRAM. Later and earlier models had other video boards. The last of this line had two improvements: It had two processors and was the first Power Macs with 1GHz CPUs.

Model No: M8493

Year: 2001
Discontinued: 2002
CPU: PowerPC G4 733MHz
RAM: 256MB
Max. RAM: 1.5GB?
RAM Type: 3 PC133 DIMMs
Hard disk: 40GB IDE, 3.5" SL
Floppy drives: None
Other drives: CD-RW drive
Graphics: AGP (ATI Rage 128)
Sound: 3.5mm Jack sound output (Stereo), microphone jack,, built-in speaker.
Display: Depends on graphics card installed (default: VGA or DVI-D)
Dedicated OS: Mac OS 9.2
Maximum OS: Mac OS X 10.4
Expansions: USB, FireWire, Internal modem, AirPort internal expansion, 4 PCI slots (64-bit), 1 AGP slot.

Additional peripherals in collection:
 - Original Apple USB keyboard.

Connectors:  - 2 USB connectors
 - 2 FireWire connectors
 - Ethernet connector
 - Modem
 - Audio in/out
 - Graphics card output.
My unit is quite unusual one, it has been bought in Poland to be used for office purposes. This unit has circuits not seen in later models, the mainboard is more like 2002 model (although most components are from 2000), and 733MHz CPU on a strange board.
Few years ago its power supply finally gave up. I bought it as with "Power supply bad" condition. Unfortunately its technical condition is worse, probably the power supply has been reworked with mistake, and PMU cannot release the computer from reset turning it off, at least on properly-reworked ATX power supply. The rework is only resoldering wires and adding power diodes to Stand-by line.
The video board which it contains is an ATI Rage board, popular in earlier Macs. However, on the rear sticker there is a "RV200" which means "Radeon 7500". The biggest problem: Radeon 7500 was introduced in Macs with 2002 Quicksilver, while this is an earlier 733MHz Quicksilver Power Mac. The 744MHz was released (July 2001) more-or-less a bit before Radeon hit tests (September 2001), so it could be possible that they packed the latest, state-of-the-art video boards, but surprisingly all catalogues remark that there was a GeForce 2, quite nice board these times.

Here you'll find:

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Overclocking instruction has been shown here, but it is for a different CPU board, available in other units but not this one. My CPU board is another one, with different circuits, a bit like in 2002 Macs (overclocking here), but with 2001 CPU. Instead of 4 frequency resistors, there are 5, and it looks like the CPU works seriously overvolted -  LTC1709 voltage regulator is set to 2.7V! I checked the MOSFET voltage and indeed it's 2.7V. VID resistors are shown on the right (resistor present is 0, absent is 1) and the voltages are shown in the table from datasheet, but I haven't figured the CPU frequency jumpers out.
I think that units like this one could even use overclocked CPUs for e.g. demo purposes, but 2.7V it's almost half more than typical PowerPC G4 processor.


http://web.archive.org/web/20060623174145fw_/http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp:80/~t-imai/g4de1.html - QS later versions Overclocking.
http://web.archive.org/web/20060101051117/http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/~t-imai/maine.html - Various overclocking methods, also for QS.
http://atxg4.com/quicksilver.html - Modify ATX power supply to run with Quicksilver..