Surplus New Notebooks

1.  Zenith Z-lite 386SL-20Mhz notebook. 
$820.00 each.  4MB RAM, 9.4" LCD screen
with 64 gray levels, 96/24 fax modem, 
3.5"external floppy drive, trackball, 60MB
hard drive, DOS 6 and a 6 month warranty.  New.

2.  Notestar 486DX33 notebook with Intel CPU.  
$985.00 each.  4MB RAM, 120MB hard drive, 
9.4" VGA display with 64 gray levels, 3.5" floppy
and a 6 month warranty.  This unit is the same 
as the Sager NP-943 and uses all of the same 
upgrades. RAM expandable to 16MB, 1 serial,
1 parallel and 1 VGA video port. Powered by
battery or AC. Battery duration 4 hours.  Battery
recharge time 4 hours.  12.2" X 9.5" X 2.1". 
6.9 pounds.  New.

3. New IBM made Dauphin SubNotebook Computer.
$685.00 each.  486SLC25 CPU, 4 Meg RAM, 
9600/2400 fax modem, 40 MB hard drive (can be 
doubled to 80MB with doublespace included),
Backlit 640 X 480 VGA display, external SVGA
monitor port, travel case, standard mini keyboard, 
7 oz. AC adapter, Cordless electronic pen with 
Windows for pen computing software, Penwares
PenCell spreadsheet (reduced version), External
3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive.  DOS 6.0 and Window
3.1.  2.5 Lbs including battery.  Comes with extra
battery.   9" X 5.5" X 1.25".  You can use the pen
or the keyboard, it will recognize your writing.
Removable cover to protect screen and ports,
external hard drive port, bidirectional parallel port,
serial port and 1 year warranty. Battery duration
2 hours, battery recharge time 1.5 hours.  6"
mono backlit LCD screen.

Compact size.  These Dauphin subnotebooks 
are smaller than the standard notebooks.  The
screen is 6" compared to 7-8" for most notebooks.
Computer World says "The best part of the DTR-1
is its brilliant little screen..."  10/25/93

Available models
(A) 4MB RAM   $685.00 
(B) 6MB RAM   $755.00
(C) 6MB RAM and Eithernet $775.00

Available Options:
Extended battery pack for up to 8 hours.
External DynaDrive removable media disk drive
      (85MB/14ms access). 
External fixed hard drive.

This is a surplus lot so the quantities are limited.