Got Article; Still Need GIF

I got the article I needed (DTR-1 TalkLetter #3), Thanx to those
who forwarded them...

I am still looking for someone who can photograph the DTR-1,
with Keyboard, external Floppy, PenMouse, all on a neutral
background  and  digitized it into a .GIF or even .JPG (smaller).

I'd even like to see the default Windows Program Manager on the
LCD screen; this show the power of the DTR-1 to efficiently run
Windows (3.1 or 3.11 or Win 95 when available).

If you might be of assistance please contact me via Email.
I wll request you UU-Encode your image and attempt to send
it to me EMail (100k to 200k MAX!!).
Scale the image to its .GIF size (or JPG) is under 200k if
at all possible.  Thank you.

Good luck!

DTR-1: Great for Graphics (try NEOPAINT)
       Great for Windows (try WinQVT Terminal Program, SUPERB)

Our numbers are growing readily!  Hope to hear from new users

DavidR && Friends  dar110@PsuVm.Psu.Edu